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Winter Fat Biking/Snowshoe Trails

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We are very encouraged by the growing popularity of winter biking and are excited to provide a selection of trails for folks to get out there and pedal a fat bike in the snow. We snowmobile groom about 25 miles of singletrack on Darling Hill. Summertime favorites such as Pines, Ridge to Rim, and Riverwood can be enjoyed on your bike all winter long!

To reduce conflict and lower impact of snow biking on our existing populace of skiers as well as protect our relationship with landowners we ask you to follow these guidelines.


Winter Fat Bike Riding Etiquette

  • Please park at our Nordic Adventure Center on Darling Hill. Fat Bike rentals can be found at the Village Sport Shop Trailside located on Darling Hill as well as in East Burke Village at East Burke Sports.
  • You must be a member or day pass holder of Kingdom Trails.
  • Tires must be wider than 3.5″ and tire pressure must be less than 10 psi.
  • Be a good trail citizen. If the conditions cause you to leave ruts that will impede the future health of the trail system, leave the trail – don’t just keep riding because the rules say you can. Spread the word about snow biking, make it fun, keep it safe.
  • Be an ambassador for the sport – stay polite, educate other bikers, discourage bad behavior, follow the rules, and we’ll all have a good time this winter.
  • Bikes yield to all other users. Use the snow mobile trails minimally, be careful of crossings. Cross-country Skiers don’t have brakes, so bikes are responsible for staying out of their way. Watch skiers’ poles. They can be fragile and expensive.
  • As a general rule, if you have to get off and push your bike, the snow is too soft and you shouldn’t be on the trails. If you leave a rut, it’s too soft.
  • If you are leaving a trough deeper than an inch or are having a hard time riding in a straight line, it is probably too soft to be on the trails.
  • Please only ride on the Nordic ski trails if the snow surface is firm enough and you are not leaving ruts and ride on the opposite side of the classic track set.

Snowshoe Etiquette

  • Stop into our Nordic Adventure Center for trail recommendations and where to go to help us pack for winter fat biking.
  • Please snowshoe on the opposite side of the classic track set on the Nordic trails. Also, if the snow is too wet/soft it may clump up on the cleats of your snowshoes creating an uneven/bumpy surface in which to ride.